Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

We are always happy to hear from our Patients. If you have any positive or negative feedback, please complete our online feedback form.

Friends and Family Test

If you have had a recent interaction with the Practice, please rate us on ‘how likely you would be to recommend us to your friends and family’. You can also leave comments on your recent experiences. Please complete our NHS Friends and Family Test.

How to complain

We handle complaints in line with the NHS complaints procedures. We hope that most problems can be resolved at the time between those parties concerned. Please ask to speak with the Complaints Manager at the time of the incident. However, if this is not possible then you can phone or complete our Feedback form. Prompt contact will enable us to investigate the matter more easily.

There are some time limits for reporting any issues. Complaints should be reported within twelve months of the incident, or within twelve months of becoming aware of the incident. Please be as precise as possible when documenting your complaint.

Vague statements such as “they were rude on the phone” are very difficult to investigate or evidence afterwards. Give examples of things that were said that you considered to be rude.

What we will do

We must acknowledge receipt of your correspondence within three working days of receiving it.Our acknowledgement will offer you the opportunity to discuss how we will handle your complaint and provide the date by which we will respond in full.
Our investigation will allow for the following points.

  • To find out why the incident occurred and how;
  • To make it possible for you to discuss the complaint with those concerned if you would like this;
  • To provide an apology if and when appropriate;
  • To inform you of our plans to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that we are unable to divulge patient details to any third party without prior written consent of the patient. Therefore if you are complaining on behalf of someone else, you must provide a letter of authorisation from the person concerned, unless they are incapable of doing this (e.g. due to illness). If you cannot provide consent then please contact us for advice.

Complaining to someone outside the practice

We hope that you will use our internal complaints procedure and allow us to resolve your complaint. However, under NHS complaints procedures from 1 July 2023 you can raise your concerns with the commissioner of the service by contacting Greater Manchester ICB. You can contact them using their website link given below. Details of how to do this can be found under the ‘Local area feedback and complaints’ section.