The Vallance Centre Covid Vaccination Program FAQ’s

Information for all patients

Update 16-3-21

Who is eligible for the vaccine?

We are following the national guidance on the most at risk groups. At present we are vaccinating:

  • Care homes and care home staff (Category 1)
  • Over 80s (category 2)
  • Health and Social care workers (Category 2)
  • 75-79 year olds (Category 3)
  • 70-74 year olds (Category 4)
  • Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, previously known as “shielding” patients (Category 4)
  • 65-69 year olds (Category 5)
  • Clinically Vulnerable patients aged between 16-64 (category 6)
  • Unpaid carers (classed as those looking after disabled and vulnerable patients) and those on the carer allowance (Category 6)
  • Patients aged 60-64 (Category 7)
  • Patients aged 55-59 (Category 8)
  • Patients aged 50-54 (Category 9)

All patients in these categories will have received a text message invite and we are moving down the list, calling and sending out letters to those who have no registered mobile numbers. Please call your GP to book in if you fit the above criteria and wish to book in for a vaccination.

Some patients at the moment are not allowed to have the vaccination:

  • Any patients with a known serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to medicine or food (Pfizer only)
  • Anyone with active Covid-19 symptoms
  • Anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 4 weeks
  • Pregnant patients
  • Children under 16 for the Pfizer and 18 for the AZ vaccine
  • Previous covid-19 vaccine trials

Please speak to your GP if you wish to discuss vaccinations with any of the above situations.

I fit the criteria but am not registered with you, can I have the vaccine?

We are currently working as a group of practices to vaccinate our patients. Patients registered at the following practices are part of our grouping and will be invited for vaccination:

Dr Ngan and Partners at the Vallance

Dr Chiu and Partners at the Vallance

Ardwick Medical at the Vallance

Ailsa Craig Medical Practice, Longsight

Longsight Medical practice, Longsight

Parkside Medical, Longsight

Dickenson Road Medical Practice, Longsight

Surrey Lodge Medical Practice, Victoria Park

Wilmslow Road Medical Centre, Rusholme

Urban Village Medical Centre, Ancoats

City Health, City Centre

New Islington Medical Centre, Ancoats

The Docs, City Centre

Cornbrook Medical Practice, Hulme

The Arch Medical Practice, Hulme

Manchester Medical, Moss Side

All NHS staff will be eligible as well working in these sites.

When will I receive an invite?

Please be patient, we receive the vaccination in batches of approx. 1,000 and may not be able to vaccinate everyone in our at-risk groups in one sitting.

Practices will make attempts to contact you either with a text message, phone call or even a letter. We have entrusted individual practices who know their patients best, to be responsible for contacting patients.

All patients in the above categories will have received a text message invite and we are moving down the list, calling and sending out letters to those who have no registered mobile numbers. Please call your GP to book in if you fit the above criteria and wish to book in for a vaccination.

I have not received an invite, can I just turn up for one? Or can my family member who is accompanying me just have one at the same time?

No, unfortunately only those who have booked after being invited can have a vaccination. We appreciate it can be frustrating to wait.

When are we going to run the vaccination clinic?

We are now running clinics every weekend at the Vallance and satellite clinics at Cornbrook Medical Practice and Ailsa Craig Medical Practice. We have also ran clinics at Manchester Medical and Parkside Medical Practice.

We receive vaccines in batches and one particular type of vaccine (Pfizer), has to be used within 4 days of being delivered, hence the Pfizer clinics can be any time in the week.

Are you offering the Pfizer or AZ/Oxford Vaccination?

We are due to receive both. At present we are vaccinating as fast as we are able to receive the vaccines and you will be unlikely to receive a choice. Your vaccine will be whatever is available at the time.

We are aware some people have a preference for one or the other due to a variety of reasons. All of the doctors in these practices have agreed that both are good vaccines, having been approved for use after thorough trials and checks. Unless there is a medical reason for taking one or the other (serious allergy for example), we would always recommend vaccinating sooner rather than waiting for one or the other.

Please note, if you are a vulnerable patient aged 16-17, Pfizer vaccinations are the only one available to you.

What is the difference between Pfizer and Oxford for me on the day of the vaccination?

After having the Pfizer vaccination, you will need to be observed for 15 minutes in the practice.

After having the Oxford/AZ vaccination, you will only need to be observed for 15 minutes if you have driven to the practice. If you have walked in, taken public transport, you do not have to wait. If you were driven to the practice by another person, you can wait 15 minutes in your car.

Both vaccinations have similar side effects which are outlined in the Covid Vaccination leaflet below:

Please note the Pfizer vaccination can only be given at the Vallance Centre. The AZ vaccine can be moved to other practices and is also given at local clinics.

I am housebound or in a care home, how do I receive the vaccine?

We are relying on individual practices to reach their housebound and care home patients. There is an active plan for each practice and they will contact you shortly to arrange the vaccination if there is vaccine availability. We have had medical teams both from practices, from the district nursing team as well as the military medical teams give vaccinations. Please do not be alarmed if someone attends in a military uniform to offer you the vaccination!

If you receive an invitation for a vaccination at the Vallance or at one of our local sites but feel you cannot travel to or are housebound, please contact your own practice who will be able to discuss with you the options.

We have currently vaccinated most of our housebound patients but have a handful to be done. We will be planning for second doses shortly.

Please note only the AZ/Oxford vaccine can be given on a home visit.

Is the vaccination safe? Is it effective? What are the ingredients? What are the side effects?

We know there is a lot of uncertainty about this vaccination due to its rapid rollout. We respect patients’ opinions and their freedom to choice to have or not have the vaccination. However we also must note that there is a lot of misinformation and not entirely true or even completely false news and information.

Please have a read of the official NHS guide for patients on the vaccinations here which has a list of ingredients, side effects etc:

If you are unsure about the vaccination please speak to your GP for advice.

Some EU countries have halted the AZ vaccine. Is the AZ still safe?

We know this issue which has been on the news has caused significant anxiety to patients. There are reports of patients getting blood clots after having the AZ vaccine. However, we want to make some points:

  • firstly, there is no evidence to suggest that blood clots were caused by the vaccine.
  • Secondly, blood clots occur naturally and there would have been a certain number of people who would have got blood clots whether they had the vaccine or not.
  • Thirdly the numbers of reported cases are so small compared to the number of vaccines given out, that the risk is approximately 85 times lower than taking a contraceptive pill (of which blood clots are a known but extremely rare risk).
  • The risk of getting covid and getting serious complications is much higher and much more dangerous.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Medicines Health Regulation Authority (MHRA) have both announced that AZ vaccines are safe.

Our consensus view after meeting with doctors and nurses across all 16 practices is that the AZ is known to be safe, has been given in over 10 million doses in the UK alone, and there has not been a single incident that proved it has caused any significant harm or death to any patient. Ultimately we feel that we need to assess the risk versus benefit and the evidence in our opinion is that the benefit far outweighs the risks.

The following article written by Dr Jarvis contains a very detailed summary for those patients who wish to read further into this topic:

Does the vaccine contain any animal products?

Neither the AZ or the Pfizer vaccine contain any animal products.

The vaccines have both been approved by the Muslim Council of Britain after consultation with the British Islamic Medical Association.

When will I be invited for the second vaccination?

We will invite patients around 11 weeks after their vaccination for their second.

Our first vaccinations were the 3 Pfizer clinics in 13th Jan – 24th Jan. For these patients we have been informed by NHS England that we will receive a second dose Pfizer jab on the 31st March, 5th April and 9th April. We will be sending out invites shortly to these clinics.

I have received a letter about a Covid Vaccination Mass vaccination centre

There are some additional Nationally organised vaccination centres. In Manchester the nearest is the Etihad Tennis centre. Some pharmacies are also offering this service.

These centres are running at the same time as the GP practice led vaccination centres, but they have slightly different ways for us to invite you for the second vaccination.

It is therefore highly recommended that you attend the same centre for both your vaccinations. It does not matter which one you choose – the vaccination is the same.

Please note the Mass vaccination centres only offer AZ vaccines.

Do you know anything about proof of vaccinations for the purpose of travel?

We give out a vaccination card during the vaccination days and it is highly recommended that you keep the card and bring it to your secind vaccination clinic. This will be a hard copy of your vaccinations. Your GP will also get notification of your vaccines and you can get proof through them as well. Please note this is not a free service and your GP may decide to charge you for this.

Please note that some countries are only allowing those who have been vaccinated to travel. The Saudi government has expressed confirmed that Covid vaccinations are required for the Pilgrimage (Hajj).

Do I need to know anything about attending the Vallance Centre?

Please see the above video on the webpage for a virtual tour of the centre.